We envision, nurture, develop, and enable today’s children as tomorrow’s leaders. In Kidzee, we develop school readiness for a smooth transition to Grade -1 in formal school.

MISSION :    Every child is unique, with infinite potential and our Mission is to nurture the uniqueness in every child in tune with his / her own preferential learning style.


Every child is  Unique with infinite potential and every child has preferential learning style ( called PLS ). Research has proved that at the early pre school age, brain activity is at its peak and the  child is like a sponge – the stimuli the child experiences leave impressions that last for a life time .

Kidzee preschool, through its long research on Indian Children has developed the ILLUME methodology which stimulates the trillions of neurons in the brain, thus bringing out the unique potential of every child . This child centric approach recognizes the Multiple Intelligence of child learning styles such as visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal.

Kidzee Anna Nagar was established in February 2009 by two professionals with international experience.

Mrs RaffathParween, an experienced  academic consultant and a senior CBSE Teacher with an experience of  25 years in teaching and training children in International Indian Embassy   Schools and Delhi Public School ( DPS )  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia . Mrs. Parween is the counsellor and the Partner of Kidzee preschool, Anna Nagar.

Mr C J Shahjahan, an Engineering Management Consultant with over 25 years of experience as Chief Executive in MNCs both in India and the Gulf. He is currently a Motivational speaker training the young minds and the corporates in India. Mr. Shahjahan  is the Director and the Partner of Kidzee preschool Anna Nagar.

The Preschool is located at Anna Nagar in a serene ,safe and hygienic environment  close to Tower park and just behind the Yeses Supermarket in 3rd Avenue.

The preschool has introduced an innovative feedback system to the parents on the Child development activities on a daily basis. By the time kids reach their homes, a synopsis of their learning content of the day is being mailed to the parents .Every day, email communication is sent to all parents on classroom  activities and the  children participation  under the format – WHAT I LEARNT, DID AND ENJOYED TODAY.  The report includes  language, number work, concept, science, activity and rhymes and stories.

This instant feedback communication is welcomed and appreciated by the parent community . This initiative brought the All India No 1 award for academic excellence from the Education Today magazine and the “ Best preschool in Annanagar “ as   well as “ Best Kindergarten School “ rating by the parents .

KidzeePreschool  Anna Nagar focuses  on twin objectives- Individual attention to each and every kid and the total parental involvement on day to day basis .

Kidzee parents come , share their experiences and participate in story telling activities to the children .Such Parental involvement has ranked us as the Chennai’s most preferred preschool.