Preschool is the best way to get toddlers ready for the normal school. While preschools don’t follow the same structure of K12 schools and there are no formal rules and regulations like examinations and performance measurement , Preschools offer opportunities for children to learn a lot by exploring and playing  under caring teachers .

Why Preschool ?

Developing Social skills :

The best thing that kids at the age of two to five learn through various activities at preschools are social skills. They learn how to wait for turns, how to follow instructions, and how to cooperate with the other children in various activities , that include listening to stories in story time and puppet shows, working together in drawing, clay moulding , building blocks etc.

Learning the basics of education through Play methods:

The Preschool activities are so designed that the child learns the basics while having lots of fun with his friends . The singing activity introduces children to letters and alphabets, block counting introduces them to numbers , story time introduces them to sentence formation and language skills. The children are also get some exposure to science subjects like biology, geology through nature walks & seed germinations . They also learn the concepts of colours and shapes through puzzles and finger painting activities .

Developing Creativity &Innovation :

Children get a lots of opportunities in a preschool to showcase their talents and creativity through various arts and craft sessions. Normally they don’t show their innovation at home for fear of getting a scolding by the elders. At preschools , they get freedom to explore and to experiment .

Developing Fine & Gross Motor skills ;

Preschool activities like scissor cutting and beads threading tasks, develop the motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination  in a child. Along with physical skills and motor skills, a child’s coordination skills improve in a child group activity. In cultural programs, children showcase their skills through group dances and skits.

Kidzee preschool Annanagar offers the virgin atmosphere for the young minds to explore their infinite potential through its commitment to quality  early childhood education .

Kidzee  preschool Anna Nagar was established in February 2009 by two professionals with international experience.

Mr C J Shahjahan,an Engineering Management Consultant with over 25 years of experience as Chief Executive in MNCs both in India and the Gulf,  is the Director and business partner of the school. While abroad , he was in the Managing Committee of Indian International school , Jeddah , Saudi Arabia.  He has organised many educational symposiums and conferences on career planning . As a Motivational speaker , he is currently engaged in corporate training as well as motivating the college and school students . Mr  Shahjahan is an author and writer both in Tamil and English and one of his stories won the best story award for communal harmony from the Tamilnadu government .

Mrs RaffathParween, an experienced  academic consultant and a senior CBSE Teacher with an experience of  25 years in teaching and training children in International Indian Embassy   Schools and Delhi Public School ( DPS )  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia . She has been awarded merit certificates by the CBSE for academic achievement .Mrs Parween is the Counselor and the Partner of the school. Her uncompromising passion for the educational field is the corner stone of the Kidzee Preschool Annanagar .